Legal information management

In a broad sense legal information management means any process or activity that is aiming at altering, or avoiding the alteration of legal information, as well as the storage etc. of such  information. The aforementioned process or activity is usually performed on account of organisational or individual information management goals. However, in the narrow sense legal information management also means the compilation, long term archival and storage, usage and monitor of collected legal information.

Legal information management and the knowledge in connection with such activities is indispensable for legal professionals, in particular for the availability of online or digital legal information. Such activities covers the research of online and digital legal resources, the elaboration of the already collected information, as well as the usage of legal information management applications that are assisting legal activities. However, legal information management means not only the usage and availability of online and digital resources, but also the effective and appropriate management of the offline legal information, covering the management of legal document as well as the legal case management.