The United States of Europe

jaszi-webThe United States of Europe is the first in the European Masterpieces series, which we publish in cooperation with the Hungarian Europe Society . The author, Oszkár Jászi - a forward looking Hungarian thinker - has already raised the idea of the unification of European states in the 1920s.

The work of Jászi was found in Oscar Jászi's legacy of documents at Columbia University in 1982 by his biographer, the historian György Litván, who died in November 2006.

It is not a known fact even in Hungary that the social scientist and politician Jászi not only called for the co-operation of the peoples living within the Danube Basin, but also supported the idea of a united Europe. In this study, while evaluating the hopeless and dangerous European political situation of the nineteen-twenties and listing the problems of the crumbled East-Central-European region facing ethnic-national antagonisms, he argued for the elevating perspective of European economic and political integration. Jászi's study raises exciting historical-political issues even in the light of the debates about the present and the future of Hungary and the European Union in the twenty-first century.

The booklet is published in cooperation with the Hungarian Europe Society. The whole text is published both in English and Hungarian first time ever.

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